The Gift of Surrender

Well, it’s been an interesting few weeks.  I’ve experienced long COVID, realized I have pressure points that I need to watch otherwise I may get an infection, and have had trouble finding research participants, and dreamed I got euthanized.  I love it!  It means freedom! It may sound crazy but having COVID for the second… Read more »

The Soldier Boys of the Americas

Almost every “child soldier” story that gets told on the big screen makes it seem that child soldiers are exclusive to Africa, but child soldiers can be found around the globe, including the Americas, and their stories are just as terrifying.  The biggest challenge to telling their stories is that there are a very small… Read more »

Streakin’ for a Reason

When Casey Hatherly, who also goes by the name Ever, appeared topless at the Juno Awards show in Edmonton March 13, she breathed new life into the practice of streaking as a form of protest. Hatherly disrupted the awards show by hopping up on stage, naked from the waist up except for a pair of… Read more »

Five Cost-Effective Date Night Activities

As the weather warms up, there are a lot of activities that are also opening up in the city.  For myself, I moved to Calgary about two years ago and have been exploring the city on the weekends and weekday evenings.  Since I don’t have any children, evening activities are an important part of my… Read more »

Why Learning is Good for its Own Sake

A sign at my brick-and-mortar university said, “Learning Is Good for Its Own Sake.” And I wondered, how exactly is learning good for its own sake, if not merely for a credential?  Indeed, it’s critical to learn new things daily, whether a new skill, idea, hobby, or talent.  Daily learning is as essential as watering… Read more »

Music Review—No Sleep

Artist: Regard featuring Ella Henderson Single: No Sleep DJ Regard has released a new single featuring artist Ella Henderson titled “No Sleep”. The single is available for streaming anywhere you get your music. You may know Regard from his viral singles “Ride It” and “Secrets” featuring RAYE. You may also know Ella Henderson from season… Read more »

Dear Barb—Changing Etiquette

Dear Barb: Hi, we are a group of girls in our twenties who are working on a college paper about the evolution of etiquette and changes that may have occurred over the years.  A couple of girls in our group are presenting the theory that the rules of etiquette have never changed and personal behaviour… Read more »

Scholarship of the Week

Scholarship name:  Gung Loy Jim Scholarship Sponsored by:  BC Cattlemen’s Association and the Jim Family Deadline:  April 15, 2023 Potential payout:  $2000 Eligibility restriction:  Applicants must be BC students who plan to enter their first year of post-secondary education (any field of study) within the next twelve months.  Preference is given to those who are… Read more »

[blue rare]—Nothing Doing (In Praise of Laziness)

In 1962, in the context of the American-Russian space race, then-U.S.  president John F.  Kennedy famously proclaimed, “We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” I have always found these words inspirational, extolling as they do the qualities… Read more »

Council Connection

President Karen Fletcher called the meeting to order on January 19th, 2023, at 6:01 PM MT, calling attendance; Councillors Allie Wojtaszek and Rebecca Wuebbolt were absent with regrets. Financial Audit President Fletcher introduced Chad Knippel and Natalia Toth from Kingston Ross Pasnak (KRP), who completed the 2021-2022 financial audit.  As the representatives from KRP may… Read more »

Attachment Theory

Attachment theory was first described in the 1950’s by psychologist John Bowlby and was further expanded upon by Mary Ainsworth (and many others) over the years.  Bowlby focused on the bond between mother and child (or permanent mother-substitute).  He believed that disrupted, cold, or distant relationships with caregivers could cripple the healthy emotional and social… Read more »

Five Fictional Employers Ranked from Best to Worst

We all appreciate a kind employer.  That boss who bothers to properly outline all our responsibilities.  That boss who makes sure that all the employees are getting along with each other.  That boss who pretends he doesn’t notice the raccoon we accidentally let into the supply shed. However, as far as literary characters go, fictional… Read more »

Meals as Nostalgia

It is said that the smell of certain meals can trigger nostalgia, and, for myself, I can say with complete certainty that this is very much the case. After moving across cities, countries, continents, and—at times—oceans food has been one of the few constants, the one thing that always brings a sense of familiarity and… Read more »

Vintage Voice

The pension protests in Paris got us thinking about that that “city of light.”  Apparently Paris has been on the minds of many of our writers, as we found a wealth of references to Paris in the archives. On the Paris beat.  In one of a series of articles, Tanja Ahlin describes her discoveries while… Read more »