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Current Council is working hard to ensure that not only are we accountable to our members, but that our activities are open and transparent. In order to facilitate this, we are introducing this new feature in the
Voice, “From Behind Closed Doors”, in which items discussed at Council meetings, current activities, and upcoming events will be highlighted.

December, 2001 events:
Council elected a new President, Debbie Jabbour
Jason Morris resigned from active Council membership.
Nominations for Council closed December 22/01.

December 17 Council meeting highlights:
Jackie Foord, a current AU MBA student and Executive Director for the Kidney Foundation’s Northern Alberta and Territories Branch, made a presentation regarding policy governance, the Carver model, and the pros and cons of implementing such a model in non-profit societies.
J. Morris presented a new set of bylaws for consideration. Council moved that these bylaws be sent to the Legislative Committee for a line-by-line examination.
Council meeting minutes have been adhering to a strict interpretation of Roberts Rules of Order that only allowed for inclusion of motions passed. Council felt this did not properly reflect what was occurring in the meeting, therefore has now adopted a format that will include pertinent discussion leading up to a motion, as
well as motions both defeated and passed.

G. Dulai brought forth the following motion, “Be it resolved that AUSU does not support any student fee increase in AU’s upcoming budget deliberations,” which, after short discussion, was amended to “Be it resolved that given the lack of available financial information to justify a future fee increase, AUSU does not support any student fee increase in AU’s upcoming budget deliberations.” Passed unanimously.
Psychology Club constitution proposal was accepted by Council.

Other recent Council activities:
G. Dulai was selected student representative to the AU Budget Advisory Committee
D. Jabbour attended Academic Council on December 5, and attended Governing Council December 12 in place of the President.
S. Barg attended AU Awards Committee
AUSU representation at an event to honour AU graduate Christine Henry on being awarded the Futures Fund Scholarship for Outstanding Leadership.
AUSU representation at the Centre for Learning Accreditation Strategic Planning Committee meeting.

Coming up:
Council meeting, date TBA
AU Strategic University Plan Discussion paper release

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