How about a student strike?

In the light of the pending teacher strike, former Athabasca University student Mark Gueffroy is advocating for a strike of post-secondary students demanding that institutes of higher learning lower tuition fees. Mr. Gueffroy says, “The price of a post-secondary education has become ridiculous, while a degree is becoming mandatory to obtain a position that is reasonably acceptable. Colleges and universities have resorted to highway robbery, and the government bows out by offering very limited bursaries and saying ‘Wow. Look at how we value our students. We must be one good administration.'”

Students need to look into the future and demand that the importance of learning be recognized. We aren’t only concerned about our own education, but the education of our children and the children of our friends and family. When the cost of tuition has reached $100 000 or more, will our children be capable of working at Radio Shack?” Mr. Gueffroy also acknowledges that students also need to consider the consequences of taking action against their institution, stating, “I completely understand what students have at risk. If they refuse to attend classes, the college or university that they are attending may simply refuse to grant the degree they are pursuing. The hands of our students are tied.” Shaking his head sadly, he comments that the government has failed in its responsibility to society and should invest more financially into the future of this country. He concludes, “Shame on you Ralph” and makes a comment about the capabilities (or lack thereof) of Prime Minister Chr├ętien and his cabinet.