Upcoming revisions to the SUP?

Why is it that we haven’t heard a thing in the Voice from the AUSU Council representatives about the upcoming revisions to the SUP?

Keep in mind that the projections, proposals and statements that AU administration will be making in the SUP will have a direct bearing on the services that you, as students, will receive, and also pay for in terms of tuition, “fees” (a wonderful catch-all term, isn’t it?), and indirectly, pay for through your taxes. Do you want to be sucked into a position of supporting a plan that you’ve had no say about if the SUP is allowed to go through “as is?” What if the estimates and projections regarding enrolment levels that administration has made are incorrect, and funds need to be found to cover their errors?

Who is going to be stuck with the bill? It had better not be you and me! Ask your representatives what their stand is on the SUP. Demand that the administration send you a copy of the SUP if you are so inclined, and be sure to offer them your input. Stay on top of things and stay involved!

Darren L. Kereluk
Undergraduate Student-Bachelor of Health Administration