Around the World…

Being an enthusiastic traveller, I have found it hard to be in school for the past few years. I have been utilizing student loans, and their expectation that students live (in my opinion) half a step up from abject poverty has meant that I can hardly afford a trip out of the city, let alone overseas. My best friend Kim has opted not to attend post secondary, as she is not yet sure what degree she wants. In the meantime, she has been travelling the globe, returning home only long enough to get a job so she can save enough money to travel again. She is currently in New Zealand, on her second work visa through the Student Work Abroad Program (SWAP).

In an attempt to relive some of my glory days as a traveller, and to stave off maniacal jealousy of Kim’s weekly updates of hiking volcanoes and jetting off to New Caledonia and the like, I thought it would be fun to write a series of articles about travel. I envision the articles will be a combination of highlights from my travel journals, discussion of informative books and web sites, and will also feature places in and around Alberta that AU students (including myself) can afford to travel to. As much as possible, these will be written from personal experience.

If there is a place you’re interested in learning more about; or if you would like me to feature a great place that you want to share, please let me know! Ideas are always most welcome.