In its 25th year, Labatt and Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) have teamed up to sponsor the LPIA program which helps university/college students create their own summer jobs in their chosen field of study. As you know, it’s hard for most students to get “hands-on” work experience in their future career tracks.

Each year the success of this project grows. Following are three success stories.

Organization: The Calgary Zoological Society
Contact: Trish Exton-Parter, Coordinator and Public Relations Communicator of The Calgary Zoological Society at 403 232 9381 or by email
Student: Nicole Peters

Calgarian Nicole Peters would love to tell you her story as an LPIA participant last year. Nicole turned her volunteer work with The Calgary Zoological Society into a full time summer job last year through LPIA. It worked so well, this year she was offered a part time job with the Calgary Zoological Society.

More than just a summer job, projects Nicole worked on while employed at The Calgary Zoological Society include:
“¢ Design for new feed boxes that will help protect the Mountain Blue Birds from extinction
“¢ Research to help eliminate the high rate of embryo death in the endangered Whooping Crane. As well, Nicole has been involved in the research process and project preparation with the Society on the Raptor bird of prey.
“¢ Preparation for a community outreach and public education program Nicole is articulate, is excited about the job track she is on and can provide insight on the summer job hunt and this unique summer employment program.

Organization: The Ability Society of Alberta
Contact: Adrian Bohash
Phone: 403-262-9445
Student: Mandeep Gill
Mandeep Gill, from the University of Alberta, was recruited by The Ability Society of Alberta to research and review all the available programs for seniors and the disabled throughout Southern Alberta. A past volunteer for this organization, Mandeep was the perfect candidate for this position and will be working for The Ability Society again this summer.

The Ability Society of Alberta provides technological solutions by adapting toy, sporting and computer equipment for the disabled and seniors throughout Alberta. Ms. Gill’s research provided them with information on already available services throughout Southern Alberta, so that their work is not duplicated. Her research also sourced areas in Southern Alberta that were in great need of help and resources that this society provides.

Alberta students, charities to benefit through Labatt People in Action
Edmonton, AB., —
For the 25th year in a row, students across Alberta are being invited to create their own summer job as part of the Labatt People in Action community support program.

Students are encouraged to work with a registered charity or community organization to develop a summer project related to their area of interest or study. Students then submit a project proposal to Labatt People in Action for funding. This year the program aims to help 130 students across Canada find summer jobs.

“Labatt People in Action not only helps students find meaningful work, it helps them make a significant contribution to their community,” said Tim Seefeldt, public affairs manager for Labatt Breweries in Alberta.

Labatt People in Action, in partnership with Human Resources Development Canada, provided funding for nine jobs in Alberta (see backgrounder above for details). The program provides the wages while the charity or community group oversees the project. Since its inception, Labatt People in Action has helped more than 3,700 Canadian students secure summer work.

The deadline for applications is March 18. More information and application forms for can be obtained on the Internet at or by calling the toll-free number, 1-800-334-2627.

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