Teacher Strike Right?

The teacher strike has been the subject of news for weeks, and it seems that there will be no compromise between the Alberta government and teachers. Alberta Learning Minister Lyle Oberg has said that he will legislate teachers back to work if the strike jeopardizes the learning of students. Who is right in this controversy? More importantly, do teachers deserve higher pay and better work conditions?

It is my humble opinion that teachers do deserve higher pay and better work conditions, but I also do not believe that teachers are attempting to obtain their objective in the right manner. An old proverb makes the argument that “Without teachers there would not be doctors, nurses and lawyers.” This fact supports more emphasis on education, and that education should be high on the government’s list of priorities.

Alternately, teachers are endangering the future of their students by jeopardizing their education. This disregard for the effect on the students in the classroom shows a selfish ambition on the part of some teachers and particularly the leadership advocating for the strike (what ARE unions good for?).

It is imperative that a compromise can be reached between the government and Alberta’s teachers. The future of this province is at risk, and the two involved parties are gambling with this future. Considering that the future of the province through its current students is at risk, shouldn’t the government be doing all that it possibly can to satisfy those who instruct and mentor that future? In my opinion, the government is failing in its duty to do just that! What is YOUR opinion?