Thane Heins: Disciple of Truth

“My government is the world’s number one purveyor of violence.”
Dr. Martin Luther King

It is the privilege of this writer to have been assigned by our Editor to write an article introducing a new Columnist for The Voice. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Thane Heins, and wish him the best of luck in his other endeavours.

Thane Heins is a former Green Party of Ontario candidate in the provincial election (1995), and an independent candidate in the federal election. Thane is presently the President of a company titled Fountain of Youth Water Distillers, and is in the process of obtaining a US patent for his distiller design. Thane plans to enrol in several AU courses that may include: Governance 301, Marketing 466, Taxation 301, Communications 301.

Thane has previously completed numerous and varied post-secondary programs at other institutions. He completed Electronics Technology at CEGEP after high school, although he did not enjoy the position that this program enabled him to obtain. After about a year in the Electronics Technology industry, Thane returned to college and studied culinary arts. While establishing his career in the culinary industry, Thane studied at the Ontario School of Art. Ten years after the program at OSA, Thane taught three art classes at Algonquin College for approximately three years. During this time, he studied calculus, industrial design and psychology at Ottawa University and Carleton University. Thane has also completed a two-year program titled Computer Programming and Systems Analysis at the Toronto School of Business. He states that his goal is to “use my LIFE EDUCATION to respectfully challenge all preconceived ideas.”

Thane has a unique and radical perspective on life, saying “I think that we take a lot for granted:i.e. what we learn in school, what the government tells us through the media, what manufacturers tell us when they want us to buy their products. Because people are generally trusting, it is easy to be misled.” He cites as an example his understanding that Osama bin Laden was treated for kidney disease at the American Hospital in Dubai from July 4-14, 2001, and that a CIA official met with bin Laden and allowed him to leave Dubai on a private jet. “If people (we) had all the facts all of the time our perceptions of the world would be quite different than it is now. Readers should take the time to read my articles if something in the back of their mind keeps telling them that something is wrong with the picture here but are not sure what it is. If people do end up reading my column, they should not believe anything I tell them unless I am willing to provide proof.” Thane is likely to write column articles about politics, business, health and truth. He is presently co-authoring a book on health and nutrition, and comments that his first name (Thane) means “disciple of truth.”

Thane is 40 years old and currently separated with two daughters (one biological and one adopted). He is interested in being involved in AU or AUSU extra-curricular activities “if I can via email.” Thane lives in Pakenham, Ontario (about ½ hour from Ottawa).

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