UPDATE: Newfoundland Judge grants Custody of a seven-year-old boy to the father: Knowing the father has been charged with several counts of assault on his ex- wife.

UPDATE: Newfoundland Judge grants Custody of a seven-year-old boy to the father: Knowing the father has been charged with several counts of assault on his ex- wife.

Our Justice System in Canada needs to change to help victims of abuse. I believe we need judges that are better qualified to proceed with the cases of abuse that are brought before them. In the last issue, I discussed a woman whose son had been awarded custody to a father who is currently awaiting a court date for inflicting abuse upon his ex-wife. The Judge was new to this position, having only six months experience. I feel a new judge should not be allowed to take abuse cases, which could create the scary situation that this lady was put in by our Justice System in Newfoundland.

The lady has now been given partial Custody of her seven-year-old son. She feels that the Judge has given the message to everyone that spousal abuse is not an issue in a custody battle, and that children in situations like these can be raised to do the same as the abuser. She stated that she has taken many procedures to rectify the decision of the Judge; she has contacted the Canadian Traditional Council to have the Judge reviewed, and she has requested his resignation.

She is also working on an appeal to the Judge’s decision. This woman is not only fighting a battle for her son, but also preparing for the upcoming trial for the assault charges against her ex-husband. She has been fighting both of those situations for a long time and now she wants peace in her life. Her main concern is too her son, and she wants to enjoy her life with him and attempt to rectify what the Justice System has taken from them both.

The woman claims, however, that she has not tried to cut her son out of her ex-husbands life. She stated to the Judge that no matter what this man did to her, he was still her son’s father, and she told the Judge that she thinks both parents have a right to see their children.

This lady is only 28 years old and she has experienced more in life than most of us have had to live through. I find her to be a very strong person; she strives for the goodness in everything. I shed many tears while I was hearing her story about the issues that have taken place in her life. I feel so much heartache for this lady and all other women out there going through the same thing.

Can our Justice System not see that they are giving women of abuse little hope to be able to raise their children in a better home? Children need to be raised with good morals and taught right from wrong. They need to be kept from abusive situations, and taught that all forms of abuse are indeed wrong.

I encourage all of the victims of abuse out there: Never give up on life! This young lady has not given up, even though she felt like it many times. She believes that what happened to her has made her a very strong person and has given her a different outlook on life. She has inspired me, and I am sure that hearing her story has touched some hearts out there. I know she has touched mine.

Strive and fight for what you want to obtain in your life. Never let anyone tell you it is impossible to achieve anything you want. If you fight and work hard you can achieve anything in life. Reach for the stars and your dreams. Believe in yourself, and you can do anything!

Anyone interested in having me write about his or her personal experiences concerning the Justice System, or who would like their story to be heard, please feel free to contact me at journalistforthevoice27@yahoo.com

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