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JOINT Calgary-Edmonton Conference
G6B The People’s Summit
June 21-25, 2002 University of Calgary

On June 26 & 27, 2002, the leaders of the world’s most industrialized countries, the G8, will meet in Kananaskis, Alberta. They will make critical decisions that will have global impact. Past G8 Summits have consistently failed to offer an effective means for individuals, civil society or even other states, to provide input to, or engage in, meaningful dialogue with G8 leaders.

We believe, therefore, that an alternative forum, offering a means for the views and concerns of all of the world’s peoples to be expressed and considered, is sorely needed. As such, from June 21-25, 2002, the G6B (Group of 6 Billion — reflecting the entire global citizenry) will be held in Calgary, offering a forum to generate and discuss ideas and solutions that will promote economic activities that are beneficial to people living in all parts of our world, but that also reflect full respect for human rights and the environment.

The G6B Conference will offer an alternative view of the planet’s future; one, which is not rooted in increased militarism and poverty, and decreased human and civil rights. Committed to bridging the divides and inequalities that exist between the developed and developing world, the conference will bring forward recommendations in six theme areas: trade & economy, human security, health, education, environment, democracy & governance.

The Conference brings renowned speakers, respected experts, and activists from the frontlines of poverty and conflict, together with an anticipated audience of 500, to explore a number of crucial issues and recommendations within the G6B’s six themes. Consistent with the priorities of the G8, all sessions will have a special focus on the issues of Africa.

The International Society for Peace and Human Rights (ISPHR) has taken the lead in organizing this conference and is now working with a steering committee made up of other national and local organizations including: Amnesty International, Partnership Africa Canada, Rights & Democracy, CLC, RESULTS, University of Calgary G8 office, and the Calgary African Community.

We would like to invite all individuals and non-governmental organizations that share this philosophy and these beliefs, to join with us in this endeavour.

For more details about the conference and our organizations, please check our website at http://www.peaceandhumanrights.org/ or contact Lynn Foster @ 403-202-0638 or by e-mail: fosterlf@shaw.ca.

‘Rwanda, We Remember’
A memorial for the victims of the 1994 genocide
Saturday April 06, 2002 / Time: 2-4 p.m.
@ Faculte St. Jean, 8406 – 91 Street, Students’ Room

You are cordially invited to attend a special memorial to honor the victims of the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Again, as we have done for the past 2 years, we gather to remember the victims of such senseless atrocity, while reaffirming our humanity, our capacity to heal and the diversity of our communities.

There will be a ceremony at which time distinguished Edmontonians will say a few words as to what this tragedy meant to them and how they have committed themselves to ensure that such horrors never happen again, in Rwanda or anywhere else. Our guests include members of the Rwandan community, local poets and artists, municipal and community leaders and citizens at large.
Reception follows.

Sponsored by: RAFIKI Friends of Rwanda Society

For more information, please call:

Nathalie Uwantege @ 475-7729
Leo Campos A. @ 474-6058

PS. RAFIKI Friends of Rwanda Society is a non-profit / non-partisan Society registered in the province of Alberta. Its mission is:

“¢ To provide material & financial support to grassroots community development projects In Rwanda
“¢ To act as a bridge between Rwanda & Canadian Non-governmental organizations (NGO’s)
“¢ To Educate Canadians about development issues in Rwanda and Central & East Africa
“¢ To engage citizens in efforts to reduce poverty & illness in Rwanda and Central – East Africa

Human Rights as Global Security: Future Directions for the Charter A symposium to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

April 25 – 26, 2002 @ TELUS Centre

In 1982, the Canadian government under Pierre Elliott Trudeau repatriated the Canadian constitution and entrenched a series of rights and freedoms in the Canadian Charter. This Charter was inspired by the principles of the UN Declaration of Human Rights primarily drafted by John Peters Humphrey, O.C., a Canadian whose work was an inspiration for those who subsequently pursued his vision through changes to Canadian law. To honour this noble legacy of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights is hosting this commemorative symposium and public forum.

The theme of the symposium is Human Rights AS Global Security, to accentuate our position that our greatest common security is derived from human rights, not in opposition to them. Accordingly, we have invited leading human rights thinkers who perceive our common security to include the just and equitable distribution of the capacity for well being, derived from cultural, economic, and ecological factors.

Speakers: Warren Allmand, Kathleen Mahoney, Ian Greene, Sheila Greckol, Shelagh Day, Claude Couture, Sharon McIvor, William E. Rees, Linda Bull, Jaggi Singh, Bob Wasylyshen, Rowena Xiaoqing He, and Tsvi Kahana

Exhibit Opening in Conjunction with the Symposium:
“Citizen of the World: John Peters Humphrey and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” Telus Centre, April 25-May 3, 2002

For more information on the symposium, or to register, log on to our web site: http://www.johnhumphreycentre.org (or) call Julie at (780) 453-2638

Organized by the John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights

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