A Bug In Your Ear

Launch Day Has Arrived!

Through many months of hard work, the new Voice site is now up and running. I hope you will be as pleased as we are with the results of our efforts, and will feel inspired to submit articles and provide copious amounts of feedback regarding further fine tuning and development of The Voice.

I would like to thank AUSU council, as well as the Web Committee for taking the ball and running with it in regards to design, structure, and function of the new Voice. I would also like to thank Kara Tersen of MetaFusion Design Studio who built our page and went through many patient hours of design change, function development, and worked incredibly hard to make sure that the end product was as user friendly for the Editor as is was for the readers.

I am still busily working on the archives, and they will be available on the new site soon. Thank-you all for your patience and understanding while we were in transition mode, and working towards the grander scheme.

Once again, I would like to encourage the budding writer in each of you to submit to The Voice! This is your Athabasca University Student paper, and we need your support to continue to produce a vibrant, resourceful, and powerful paper that reflects your needs, interests, concerns, ideals, and educational woes and triumphs. Share your experiences with your fellow students and find your voice in our Voice.

Hope to hear from you soon!