Breaking Bread: For Women In Afghanistan. Contributed By The Community Networks Group

Breaking Bread… For Women in Afghanistan is a volunteer fundraising project to support much needed education projects for Afghan women and girls. You can participate in this unique cross-Canada fundraising initiative by Hosting a Pot Luck Dinner with nine of your friends.

As Host you are asked to invite your friends to your home, request that they bring a dish to share for dinner and ask each participant to donate $75 towards education in Afghanistan. Each Pot Luck Dinner will raise $750 (tax receipts available) and will pay the salary of a teacher for one year in Afghanistan.

Do some good… Become a host for “Breaking Bread” — enjoy the company of your friends, some excellent food and share the opportunities to participate in facilitating REAL CHANGE for Afghan women and girls…

For more information on How to Host the Pot Luck Dinner, please call:
1-416-366-2516 or e-mail: (or) visit:

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