AU President Continues Term

President Dominique Abrioux to Continue at AU THE VOICE September 11, 2002

AUGC Chair Robert Fulton announced Sept. 5 that President Dominique Abrioux will continue his term of office until June 30, 2005:
“When agreeing to a second term in 1999, Dr. Abrioux had opted to commit to three more years as President, rather than the normal five years that had been the AUGC’s preference. Today’s announcement, endorsed by AUGC on Sept. 4, 2002, will in effect result in Dr. Abrioux completing a second five-year mandate.
“Governing Council is delighted that Dr. Abrioux will continue to lead the University and preside over important organizational changes that will allow for the immediate implementation of our new Strategic University Plan.
“We are confident that through the collective contribution of Athabasca University’s excellent staff, the University will build on the successes of past years and continue to flourish.”

Photo: Dominique Abrioux performing some of his presidential duties- giving an interview to the ACCESS crew that visited AU this week.

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