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Distance Education 2001 Award THE VOICE September 11, 2002

Rory McGreal, Associate Vice President, Research received the Mildred B. and Charles A. Wedemeyer Award for Outstanding Practitioner in Distance Education 2001. This is the most prestigious distance education award in the U.S. Rory received the honour at the 18th Annual Distance Education Conference in Madison, Wisconsin on Aug. 16, 2002.

The Outstanding Practitioner Award is presented each year, in conjunction with the American Journal of Distance Education. It has a dual focus, recognizing in alternate years outstanding distance education scholars and practitioners.

The award honours Dr. Charles Wedemeyer – scholar, researcher and distance education innovator and his wife Mildred. In the 1950s and 1960s, Dr. Wedemeyer received several million dollar-plus grants from both the Ford and Carnegie Foundations to explore how other media might be integrated with print. His Articulated Instructional Media project was foundational to the advent of the British Open University, Athabasca University, Indira Ghandi Open University and countless others.

Past Wedemeyer award winners at Athabasca University include the 1990 recognition of Andy Woudstra and Rick Powell for their outstanding article Value Chain Analysis: A Framework for Management of Distance Education (published in the American Journal of Distance Education, 1989-90).

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