Trevor Siwak

Letter To The Editor:

In the past issue of the voice Mr. Low discusses the costs of going to AU compared to other traditional institutions. I was just wondering if he added the cost of writing exams for non-Albertan students. I pay $40 per exam for the privilege of writing at the University of Ottawa. Since the average course I have taken has a mid term and final, that’s an extra $80 per course plus parking fees. If a student was taking a 5 course load that would add $400 a year to their costs. Maybe it’s just time for me to shop around the other at the other institutions.

Still, from the few universities I am familiar with, AU is still one of the lowest.

Trevor Siwak

[Editor’s Note: Due to publishing timelines, actual article in reference was FED WATCH! in the August 28, 2002 issue]

Dear Trevor,

Your concern is a valid one, and the increasing cost of post-secondary education is one shared between all post-secondary students at the many various institutions. Your students’ union, AUSU is working with AU to make sure student concerns regarding increasing costs are heard. Please forward such concerns to ausu@ausu.org to make sure your voice is heard and counted with your many peers. Don’t let the illusion of isolation in distance education keep you quiet and afraid to speak out!

Tammy Moore
Editor of The Voice