ART EXHIBITIONS. Call for Submissions. Mujeres – Women: A journey of the Senses

ART EXHIBITIONS. Call for Submissions. Mujeres – Women: A journey of the Senses

Curatorial Statement – Vision

To share with Edmontonians the artistic – craft work that is being produced by Canadian women of Latin American ancestry living in Edmonton.

Exhibit Statement

This arts & crafts exhibit planned for the Spring of 2003 aims to build bridges of understanding between communities and its artists / artisans and will challenge stereotypes of traditional women’s roles within Latino – Canadian culture and women in general.

The intention of this exhibit is to share with Edmontonians the creative endeavours of Canadian women of Latin American ancestry. The exhibit will be open to the public at large and members of the Latin American communities. Products will be available for sale directly from the artists / artisan.

Thematically, ‘Mujeres – Women: A journey of the senses’ will emphasize the commonalities between artists / artisans and the public at large and will foster a dialogue between artists – artisans, the public, and the Latino-Canadian community, particularly among women & youth.

Call for Submissions

We are inviting Canadian women of Latin American ancestry living in Edmonton to submit their best fine art work and/or top quality crafts to partake in this arts & crafts exhibit. Submission can include: video, poetry, stories, photography, sculpture, calligraphy, printmaking, textiles, metals, glasswork, clays and leathers. Submissions will be selected by a Steering Committee using a broad criterion, based on quality, presentation, creativity, complexity, visual appeal, and variety, uniqueness and utilitarian worth.

Entry Fee & Deadline

A non-refundable entry fee of $55.00 is levy for all applicants. This entry fee helps cover in part the cost of producing this event. Applicants will be notified by mail one month following closing deadline, which is October 01, 2002.

Venue & Engagement

No venue has been selected but it’s anticipated that a high profile facility will be chosen to highlight these works. The arts & crafts exhibit will include an opening (Friday) evening with a keynote speaker on its main theme, some light entertainment and a full day (Saturday) for show & sales.

For further information & to request an application form, please call:

Paz Walton, Artistic Director @ 479-6435
Leo Campos A., Executive Producer @ 474-6058 / Cell: 995-6819

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