Library 101

Librarian Elaine Magusin continues the series "Things You Should Know About the Library." September 25, 2002

Q: I searched the library catalogue and found a book that I want to take out but it’s currently out to someone else. Is there a way to put a hold on it?
A: Yes. If you click on the “Request This Item” button in the catalogue record you will be asked for your name and Library I.D. number, as well as a pickup location. You will also be asked to give a date after which you won’t need the item. Once you have submitted your request it will automatically become a hold and we will notify you when the book has arrived.
Q: I have a lot of overdue books and I would like to renew them but I don’t have time to go down to the library to do it. What are my options?
A: You can renew the items in several ways. First, go to the library homepage (see: and click on “View Your Account.” You will be asked for your name and Library I.D. number. Once you have entered this information you can view your account and renew any items that are overdue. Second, you can email the library at or call us, ext: 6254 and ask us to renew the items for you.

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