Library 101

October 16, 2002

Librarian Elaine Magusin continues the series “Things You Should Know About the Library.”

Q: I’ve just been contacted by a student who is wondering how to cite web sources in APA format but doesn’t have time to wait for a copy of the publication manual to be sent out. Is there somewhere online that will provide this information?

A: Yes. On our website we have a Help Centre (see: that provides links to all the major styles and help sheets for each. The APA website actually provides samples of citations for electronic resources(see: In our help centre you will also find links to research and writing guides among other things.

Q: I live in Edmonton and would like to borrow material from the University of Alberta Libraries. Is there a way I can do this?

A: Yes. There are actually two ways staff and students can borrow materials from other libraries. Residents of Alberta can request an Alberta Library card (TAL) from us. This not only gives students access to the University of Alberta, but to university, college and public libraries in Alberta. If you would like more information, and a complete list of the participating libraries, go to:
AU Library is also a member of the Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries consortia. With a COPPUL card (obtainable by contacting AU Library) staff and students can borrow materials from select universities in Alberta and across Canada. For more information contact AU Library or go to:

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