Canadian Crossroads International (CCI)Recruiting Volunteers. Published October 30, 2002

Canadian Crossroads International (CCI)Recruiting Volunteers. Published October 30, 2002

CCI is a volunteer organization that contributes to creating a sustainable and equitable world by working in partnership, facilitating learning and international exchange across cultures, and raising awareness of global issues. We are now recruiting for our 2003 program …

Minimum Criteria to Apply:

Applicants must be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants, 19 years of age or older (recommended minimum age is 25; however, younger, exceptional candidates will be considered), and have demonstrated cultural sensitivity, adaptability, flexibility and tolerance. Volunteers must also meet specific skill criteria as outlined by each individual job profile requirements. Volunteers must be functional in the placement language or willing to undertake sufficient language training prior to departure. (In addition to reading and writing, functional language ability means you are understood when speaking to others and you understand when others speak to you).

Length of placements: 6 months
DEADLINE TO APPLY: October 31, 2002. Departures are in June 2003.

For more details, please visit:, or contact our Western Regional Office at: or by phone at: 1-604-734-4677.

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