Beyond the Headlines – SPHERE

November 13, 2002

As many of you may recall, a while back we started a monthly series of bulletins with the intent to highlight the good work of Alberta-based NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) working in international development and in partnership with the global South; Africa, Asia & Latin America. We have featured groups such as HumanServe International, Cause Canada, Rainbow of Hope for Children, RAFIKI Friends of Rwanda Society, Friends of Nepal, Change for Children and Transgenus International.

On this issue of Beyond the Headlines, our focus is Sphere: The Society for the Preservation of a Healthy Environment and Rehabilitation of the Earth … We hope this information is useful and their creative & courageous work inspires you.


The mandate of SPHERE is to liase between professionals, industries and businesses internationally for environment friendly objectives; to educate and inform citizens about rules and procedures for preservation and improvement of our natural environment and the public health. SPHERE also leads, initiates and manages remedial projects in collaboration with other organizations.

SPHERE: acts as an information centre and forum about environment and health issues; performs and encourages research into environment and health issues;
develops and promotes ideas and systems for sustainable development such as solar architecture, renewable energy, alternative fuels, technology and medicines; publishes, collects, and distributes information and ideas arranges workshops and conferences for discussion and exchange of ideas; develops curricula and courses for education in solar architecture, renewable energy, alternative fuels, technology and medicines.

For more information about SPHERE, please contact:

SPHERE, Box 67051 Northland Village, Calgary, AB 2L2
Tel. (403) 239-8031 / Fax (403) 239-8031 (*5) / E-mail: