Michael Mendel on October 16, 2002

re: new Parliament Hill Initiative

Hello to The Voice:

I was under the impression you may be interested in a new initiative that we are starting here on Parliament Hill. It concerns the website www.ingenuitycanada.com I’ll provide a little information about the website and the initiative, any other questions you have feel free to contact me personally. This initiative allows the common Canadian, who otherwise might continue to feel disconnected from Federal policy making, to get involved.

It allows individuals to post their ingenious or creative ideas to the website, and if these ideas are deemed legitimate they will be brought before the corresponding minister. As well, ministers will be asked for a prompt response and held accountable, as their response will be posted to the site. Finally, two of the best ideas will be rewarded a 10,000 internship on Parliament Hill (If the individual is over a certain age then they can send an intern in their place.) We would greatly appreciate your help in getting the message out, particularly in involving the students at your university. We feel it is of the utmost importance to involve young Canadians, as they are undoubtedly a source for fresh ideas that will shape our future. Any help you could give us would be greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Mendel
(613) 992-7771

Thank-you, Mr. Mendel. We appreciate your passing this information on to us, and I’m sure any interested students will be in touch.

Tammy Moore
Editor of The Voice