New scholarship program awards $165,000 to apprentices

Contributed By Sylvia Schubert November 27, 2002

Edmonton… Apprentices in Alberta are reaping the benefits of a new $3.3 million scholarship created by industry, the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board, and Alberta Learning. In its inaugural year, 165 scholarships of $1,000 each have been awarded from the endowment to encourage registered Alberta apprentices to complete their training.
“The collaboration of industry and government has been vital in maintaining a successful apprenticeship system,” said Minister of Learning, Dr. Lyle Oberg. “These new scholarships recognize apprentices who continue to demonstrate excellence in their training and their trade.”
The annual scholarships are open to all registered Alberta apprentices, and trainees in designated occupations. Some of the scholarships are designated for a specific trade, occupation or group of trades.
“The generosity and leadership of industry has made the new Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Scholarships possible,” said Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board Chair, Cliff Williams. “It is important that industry and government continue to work together to recognize apprentices’ hard work and dedication to their trades. By enhancing Alberta’s skilled workforce, we are contributing to the Alberta Advantage.”
Application forms for the scholarships will be posted in the Spring 2003, on the Apprenticeship and Industry Training website at They will also be available at Alberta Scholarship Programs and Apprenticeship and Industry Training offices.