Beyond The Headlines

December 22, 2002

As you know, every month we highlight the work of an Alberta-based NGO (non-governmental organization) working locally or internationally on human development activities. In previous issues of Beyond the Headlines we have featured organizations such as HumanServe International, Change for Children, Cause Canada, Rainbow of Hope, RAFIKI Friends of Rwanda, Sombrilla, Friends of Nepal, Transgenus International and Sphere.

On this issue we have two groups deserving your attention. They are the Fireweed Institute and the Sahakarini Inter-World Education & Development Association …

1. The Fireweed Institute

The Fireweed Institute is an educational institute dedicated to helping people find ways of working and living that are less stressful, more meaningful, and contribute positively to the Earth and the human family.

The mission of the Fireweed Institute is to use transformative learning to inspire and support people as they pioneer sustainable ways of working and living. We engage in this mission as a way to imagine and help create a just and sustainable world. The educational programs include long and short courses, workshops, and presentations that explore different aspects of sustainable living and working. Contact us at:
Fireweed Institute
Box 186 – #14, 9977 – 178 St.
Edmonton, AB > Tel: 433-1830

2. The Sahakarini Inter-World Education and Development Association

Sahakarini Inter-World Education and Development Association exists to promote, encourage and assist international aid and development and to assist, encourage and foster development education activity. Sahakarini is currently working in health and education with partners in Haiti, Brazil, India, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. For more information about our projects, contact us at:

Sahakarini Inter-World Education & Development Association
P.O. Box 1685, Camrose AB T4V 1X6
Tel. (403) 672-5465 / Fax (403) 672-0967