NFB Film Club Edmonton – Free Screening of Canadian Documentaries

NFB Film Club Edmonton – Free Screening of Canadian Documentaries

Upcoming free screening of Canadian documentaries – feature films co-sponsored with the Edmonton Public Library & CBC Radio One

Showing @ the Milner Library Theatre downtown, 7 Churchill SQ. Time: 7-9 p.m.

January 14: To My Birthmother ….
Directed by Beverly Shaffer / Produced by Beverly Shaffer & Mark Zannis

Delving into the past can be risky business, especially for someone who’s been adopted. When Marie Klaassen went looking for her birthmother, she discovered that trying to locate her would take perseverance and guts, and that succeeding in the search was not the end, but another beginning. This video diary recounts Marie’s personal journey to find the woman who gave her life. It’s a fascinating story of a reunion fraught with suspense, humour and humanity.

February 04: The Journey of Lesra Martin
Directed by Cheryl Foggo / Produced by Selwyn Jacob

Lesra Martin was poor, illiterate and struggling in Brooklyn, NY, when a chance encounter with a group of Canadians shattered his world. Raised in the chaos of the inner city and given a fresh start in Canada, Lesra become a hero when he helped bring justice to wrongfully imprisoned American boxer Rubin “Hurricane” Carter. Finding the courage to charge his own life, Lesra is now a lawyer and motivational speaker. This film brings together intimate interviews with Lesra, his family and friends. From his home in BC to a poignant return to the streets of his childhood, Lesra reflects on the event that altered his life.