Striking From Another Point of View

January 1, 2003 Best Of The Voice

The issue of striking teachers is not one untouched upon. Listening to the radio this afternoon, many were made aware that human beings can be the most ignorant species on the planet.

A girl in grade nine phoned in to make known a rally she’d be involved in to protest the striking teachers. Her argument was quite simple; that schooling is an important part of a student’s career, and by taking even a week away, the teachers are neglecting their job, which is to teach.

What upset me even more is that almost a dozen ADULTS replied to the girl’s announcement by becoming outraged at the radio station for even allowing the girl on the air. Their opposing argument was that we should support the teachers. Support what? The demand for more money, when it has clearly been said that there is none? Even if there was any money, I’d like to propose a more rewarding investment:

Waitresses and dishwashers deal with more people and germs in one day than a teacher does in an entire year. Gas station attendants stand up to the rain and cold, not to mention scorching heat, all year round to pump YOUR gas. The guy who’s stocking shelves at the grocery store for minimum wage can barely make rent, never mind having a car payment or any other investments.

These are all people that everyone interact with on a daily basis. These are the people who have to do gross disgusting jobs, sometimes seven days a week. They don’t get to take sick days because their employers are short staff. They don’t even consider asking for Christmas off, because they’re struggling to LIVE, never mind make a payment on a brand new car.

What if all of the people making less that $12.00 an hour were to take a week off? Not only would you have trouble finding someone to pump gas into your brand new car, all of the people at the top (you know who you are) would struggle because the little people aren’t around to work cheaply anymore.

So, what have you done today? Woke up, got dressed, ate breakfast, started you vehicle, probably put gas in your vehicle, possibly even go out for lunch, or dinner? Now, let me ask another question: Did you remember to thank the little people, those who only make $5.90 an hour, for allowing you to do all of these things?

Teachers didn’t only instruct nurses and doctors, a vast majority of primary and secondary students end up in the lower paying positions such as sales clerks, and delivery drivers. Teachers are ready to argue that because they were the motivation behind high paying positions like hockey players and scientists they should make just as much as each of these people. The big question is, why are the bulk of their past students neglected? It’s simple, teachers are naïve and ignorant to the fact that they make substantially more money than the lion’s share of the population.

The most important people affected by the striking teachers are the students, and without proper motivation and instruction, we all know where they’ll end up: pumping gas, or serving customers with the rest of the majority. The little girl in grade nine was expressing her opinion about the strike, and although many people may not agree, she has a right to do so. Who knows, maybe she’ll be the next Prime Minister of our Country.