COMMUNITY NETWORKS GROUP: Casa de los Amigos. A Quaker Center of Hospitality

Casa de los Amigos is a Quaker Centre of hospitality, service and international understanding. We also manage a guesthouse where people come together to share ideas, time and space. By providing a space where people of different cultures and backgrounds come together, this program helps fulfill part of the Casa’s mission to promote peace and international understanding.

The Casa receives over 2,500 visitors each year from all over the world. Our guests are Quakers, people working with social organizations, volunteers, groups visiting Mexico to work on a service project, researchers and students, and travellers who come to learn about Mexico.

Accommodations are simple and we offer a unique experience that we hope our guests carry with them long after their visit to the Casa. We offer shared accommodations (separate sex dormitories) and private rooms.

Casa de los Amigos is a non-profit organization and we ask for a donation to cover costs. Please contact us for the current list of suggested donations. Guests of the Casa form part of our community and in order to benefit from and give to that community we ask that guests stay a minimum of two consecutive nights. We especially welcome groups visiting Mexico to work on social development projects.

The Casa offers a variety of spaces and services: a guest lounge and kitchen, library, information center (with publications and announcements on social justice themes and volunteer opportunities), video library and conference room, among others.

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