A Bug In Your Ear… NEW COUNSELLING RESOURCE: How To Write A Term Paper

January 15, 2003

A Bug In Your Ear… NEW COUNSELLING RESOURCE: How To Write A Term Paper

Julia Nielsen of AU’s Counselling Services Unit [CSU] has created a fantastic resource to help students prepare term papers, available at:

The interactive slideshow website takes students step by step through the process of planning, researching, writing, editing and documenting a term paper. Also included are links to sites describing the most popular citation formats and other writing help resources.

The site itself is beautiful, easy to use, and very quick to load.

Whether you are new to writing term papers, or you have some practice already, the advice contained on this site can help you improve your essay writing style, and avoid many of the simple mistakes students often lose marks for. The format of the site also makes using it quite fun!

This resource is the latest of several, excellent CSU web projects, which include the new Math and English assessments [See News From your University in this issue.]. All of these interactive web sites require a Flash plug-in for your browser, and links are provided at the menu pages so that you can easily download it. The Flash player is a one time download, and allows you to use many other websites as well.

Other study related resources of the CSU can be found at: