Alberta Commission on Learning shares status report

February 5, 2003

Press release from Alberta Learning,
February 4, 2003

Edmonton… Thorough and thoughtful. That’s how Alberta’s Minister of Learning is describing the work done so far by Alberta’s Commission on Learning. The Minister recently reviewed the Commission’s status report and has asked them to share their progress with Albertans.

“Alberta’s Commission on Learning has shown dedication to its task,” said Minister of Learning Dr. Lyle Oberg. “They’ve been diligent and I have confidence in their approach to reviewing Alberta’s education system. I appointed them with the expectation that they would look critically at our system today and focus on preparing it for the future. After reviewing their status report, I’m satisfied that things are moving in this direction.”

The Commission’s report, titled The Homework Continues, provides an overview of the Commission’s progress, highlights some of the major themes that emerged during the public consultation process and outlines planned next steps. The Commission will be meeting with stakeholders, conducting research, talking to experts and consulting with Aboriginal Albertans and youth. A final report is expected by early fall.

“We’ve made quite a bit of progress in the past seven months,” said Commission Chair, Patricia Mackenzie. “We’ve consulted with thousands of passionate and committed Albertans and we’ve completed a considerable amount of research. It’s been hard work for us, but, in many ways, the most difficult work is still ahead. We want to make strong recommendations that are achievable and put students first. This is an important task and an incomparable opportunity to help prepare our province for the future.”

The Commission’s status report, The Homework Continues, is available online at Photocopies can be requested by contacting the Commission office at (780) 427-3434. Dial 310-0000 to be connected toll-free from anywhere in Alberta.


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