February 12, 2003

We are pleased to announce that a new editor for the Voice has been hired, effective immediately. Tamra Ross Low was the successful applicant. Tamra is an Athabasca University student enrolled in a BA Psychology/Women’s Studies, and has been a Voice writer for almost two years, writing a weekly column that addresses a variety of issues of interest to students. Tamra also served on AUSU Council from March of 2002 to January 2003, and has a broad spectrum of experience and knowledge regarding the various activities AUSU is involved in on behalf of students.

In her previous role on Council, Tamra assisted with maintenance of the website and uploading of the Voice, spearheaded the publication of the first newsletter, and generally acted in the capacity of communications coordinator; skills which will serve her well as new editor of the Voice. Tamra impressed us with her clear vision of how the Voice can best serve the needs of students in our unique distance environment, and we look forward to the Voice moving into a new phase of development under her capable guidance. Welcome Tamra!

Debbie Jabbour, President