Audrey Karperien

Dear editor:

In previous weeks, world famous editor, Tammy Moore, was formally bidden farewell by the Voice’s writers. Except me. I was in transit from Heathrow to the friendly Mojave desert. As editor, Tammy has done much to make the Voice heard, has given it volume and clarity. She has also done much for me. I surprised myself when I realized I felt I know her despite that I’ve never met her; she is a professional and competent editor but also a friend I hope to never lose. I want to wish her well in her new endeavours. So, I wish to now stand with my fellow writers, in my own time warped way, in saying the Voice is hoarser without you, but fill your boots, Tam. Have a blast in your new life!

Audrey Karperien

Thanks, Audrey. Better late than never!

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