February 12, 2003

Continuing the series of Things You Should Know About the Library, librarian Elaine Magusin shares additional Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why do I have to enter my username and password to get into the databases?
A: The journal databases are subscription-based products. The AU Library has purchased subscriptions to these databases for the use of the AU community. We require you to enter a username and password so that we can authenticate you in our system and make sure that we do not allow un-licensed access to the databases.

Q: What is the Digital Reading Room?
A: The Digital Reading Room (DRR) was designed as an electronic course reserves tool to facilitate student access to supplementary course materials and other learning resources available through the World Wide Web. These resources include journal articles located in some of the journal databases AU Library subscribes to, as well as websites and audio/video clips. In order to access the articles from our journal databases students are required to enter their username and student id, so that we can verify they are active students.

What’s New in the Library?
AU Library has recently added ScienceDirect to our suite of journal databases. Science Direct is one of the world’s largest providers of scientific, technical and medical (STM) literature. This database is a welcome addition to our current subscriptions as it provides access over 1700 journals from Elsevier Science covering all fields of science (including journal titles from Business, Psychology, Arts and Humanities, and Social Science). ScienceDirect is part of the CNSLP-licensed suite (

Record Broken!
A record was broken in the library in January. We sent out 1013 packages to students, surpassing the previous record set last January of 887! Congratulations and heart-felt thanks go out to all involved in the process of sending library materials out – Acquisitions and Cataloguing for getting the materials on the shelf, Public Services for filling all incoming requests, Ruth Bulmer and Lorraine Moth in the Library Mailroom for actually packaging up all the materials, and to the University Mailroom for dealing with an increased work load!

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