Shabab Reconstruction Project

A youth initiative for Palestine

The Project statement

The joint initiative of ZAJEL Youth Exchange Program, An-Najah National University, Nablus and SCI-Germany is a pilot project, which takes place in form of two international Workcamps in the summer 2003.

Manual work of international and local volunteers supports the reconstruction of the youth institutions in Nablus. Common cultural activities with the youth of the clubs and centers attempt to create a platform for dialogue between the different cultures.

The idea of this project results from a screening, which took place in Nablus in September 2002. Representatives of SCI-Germany and ZAJEL Youth Exchange Program consulted several youth institutions and identified reconstruction of the facilities and activities for emotional release and educational empowerment as the urgent need of the youth in Nablus.

The vision

The vision of SHABAB reconstruction project is to contribute to the sustainable development of the Palestinian youth by addressing their needs.

Therefore, we, ZAJEL Youth Exchange Program and SCI-Germany, work united:

-to assist in the reconstruction of youth institutions through joint voluntary work of Palestinian and international youth;
-to initiate intercultural learning between the different cultures in order to promote understanding and respect between the youth of the Oriental and Occidental culture;
-to dismantle and minimize prejudices and misperceptions about the different cultures through workshops on history, society, religion and cultural activities;
-to influence the local community in its most diverse spheres, such as environmental protection, education, health, and promotion of peace;
-to raise awareness about the situation of Palestinian youth and their environment;


The project aims to contribute to the reconstruction of youth in Nablus by organizing international Workcamps in summer 2003.

Volunteers have to afford their flights tickets, and we are working hard to get some donations for their accommodation, which is $150.

For more information, see the project description and application document, available online at: