Capital Campaign: What’s Coming For Autism

Calgary Area Fundraising Events

If you live in Calgary you’ve likely heard or seen information posted by Society for Treatment of Autism: radio spots, brochures, posters on the sides of Calgary’s buses and bus stops, as well as all kinds of interviews and media coverage. This has been part of the communication objective that Society for Treatment of Autism had set in place during the last year. This communication objective is/was the preview for Capital Campaign.

In the last few years the increase in demand for treatment services (specifically for autism) has been colossal and it will continue to grow. This escalation has placed a strain on the services offered by Society for Treatment of Autism. For example, past growth has forced different portions of the society to operate out of multiple offices spread throughout the city of Calgary. The solution to this problem: more expansion.

Through expansion, Society for Treatment of Autism [STA] will be able to consolidate Services into one large building allowing for all employees to work as a more effective treatment team. The larger building will house offices and classrooms as well as locker rooms and gym equipment for the staff. As well, additional therapy and sensory equipment for the kids will be more accessible. The official Launch of Capital Campaign is May 2003. It is hoped that construction will begin within a year, and will take a year to complete: the goal is for the building to be completed in 2005.

Expansion will not only be through construction. STA hopes to expand their services to include more diagnostic capabilities as well as an enhancement in adult services (which are presently quite minimal). With a spending goal of three million dollars, the facility will better support both clients and employees. But where this budget come from? Since the government only provides enough money to keep STA operating, additional funding must be obtained through a fundraising drive: Capital Campaign. The drive includes many events ranging from press conferences to wine tasting. The most recent event was held in February at “The Garage.”

STA even has a sponsor: Mark Knoll is one of Canada’s speed skating champions. His accomplishments include being a member of the ’98 Olympic Team, 13th in the 5000m at the World Single Distances Championships 2000, and having a national record in the 5000m at the 2001 World Cup. Mark’s brother is diagnosed with autism.

There are many ways that you too, can help. Contact Isabelle Martin (Fund Development Officer) anytime at (403) 258-5529 to find ways you can help. All kinds of donations of both money and time (volunteering) are needed. You can also help the Society for Treatment of Autism by attending one of the fundraising events listed below:

Legends Alive Concert
May 22, 2003, 7:30pm
Call (403) 531-6157 for Tickets ($15 -$20)

Annual Fireman’s Ball
June 7, 2003
$100.00 per ticket
Contact Isabelle Martin: (403) 258-5529

Groovy Garden Party/Auction
June 19, 2003
Bow Valley Square
Contact Isabelle Martin: (403) 258-5529

3rd Ann. Wine Tasting
October 18, 2003
Art Space Art Gallery
$75.00 per ticket
Contact Isabelle Martin: (403) 258-5529

Society For Treatment Of Autism: