Fiction Feature – Poetry


I am left all alone, with so much sorrow and misery
My trust has been betrayed, my soul has been taken away
My mind is trapped with anxiety, more problems heading my way
This can’t be happening to me, This can’t be happening to me

Each and every day, I fear more and more problems
My soul is often bothered, with my stressful life
My feelings are commonly hurt, but no one seems to care
This can’t be happening to me, This can’t be happening to me

My heart is crushed in pieces, so many that they can’t be gathered
Although I am alive, my soul is surely dead
I just can’t be hurt anymore, I have no tears left to cry
This can’t be happening to me, This can’t be happening to me

I wish I could forget the past, and think about the future
But all I see in my future, are more worries, fears, and problems
My future beholds nothing for me, my life is so hollow
And now I am telling myself, this IS happening to me!!


Once I fell in love, it was the biggest mistake I made
It all happened so fast, that all the memories have started to fade
When you came into my life, I was the happiest person on earth
But now I repeatedly ask God, “Why was I given birth?”

I lived a joyous and fun-filled life, with no worries never the less
Now I am surrounded with problems, my life is a total mess
Problems, problems, problems, that’s the only thing on my mind
Why did I fall in love, why was I so blind?

I guess love was just, another one of his games
But at the end all it did, was burn a lot of flames
He promised me that we would, never be apart
Now he has left me, with a broken heart

Although he is gone, I remember the good times we shared
Then again I question myself, “did he even care?”
I stand outside, all alone, in the misty rain
And I utter to myself, never to make the same mistake again

All night long, I sit on my bed and cry
Oh I can’t live without him, I wish I could just die!