Assignment Manuals on the Internet?

Athabasca University.
The Voice.
Dear Editor,

Re: Assignment Manuals on the Internet

I’d like to see the “Assignment Manuals” for all the AU courses on the
Internet. A student can check out the specific assignment requirements, loan materials, and any other information relevant to the student’s needs. Most AU Assignment Manuals do arrive in the mail after the student registers, but knowing this information before I register would help me be better organized and prepared. For instance, if I know that an ANTH course requires 12 videos, 6 books, 4000-word research papers and requires 12 hours a week, I can schedule my study and library items accordingly for that period.

Sometimes, all the loan materials are out and the student ends up waiting for months. An approach similar to the informative Center for Psychology website would suffice.

Nimra Ahmed
AU Student

Good point, Nimra. If other students agree, contact me at and I’ll put this on the agenda of the academic committee. The current syllabi online do list the number of assignments in a course, but they do not list the assignment length or any other details.