Edmonton Skydive Center – First Jump Course Training

Instructor Assisted First Jump training is a traditional approach for most first-time skydivers.

During a 5 to 6 hour ground training program, your Canadian Sport Parachute Association certified instructors will train you in areas of your skydive including equipment and parachute, aircraft procedures, exiting the aircraft, the skydive, canopy control and landing. You will learn enough information about the equipment to feel confident about how it works and how to assess problem situations in the unlikely event that they occur. All your questions will be answered while you have an opportunity to practice what you’ve learned prior to your skydive.

Once geared up, you will board the aircraft for your flight to 3500 feet with your instructor. On jumprun, the pilot will open the door allowing your instructor to carefully “spot” your exit point. Now, it’s up to you! As you climb out of the aircraft, your instructor is right there beside you, ready to deploy your parachute activation system.

Look up! GO!!!!

As you arch your body on leaving the aircraft, you will see the plane and your instructor watching as your parachute begins to open. From the sound of rushing wind past your ears, to the peaceful silence of the parachute ride, you hear your heart pounding from the excitement of your first skydive! Within a few more seconds, you’ll hear the voice of another instructor strategically positioned at the landing area, as he/she guides you to a safe landing.

Afterwards, you will review your jump on video from our 3 cameras with your instructor who will document the details in your own personal logbook and review your options should you wish to continue with this incredible sport. Your logbook is a record of your accomplishment along with a brief review of the First Jump Course and should be carried with you to this, or any other Drop Zone.

Edmonton Skydive Centre is the leader in First Jump and subsequent training programs since 1970. We use only modern equipment, and safety is our first concern. Our instructors are Certified and Trained by CSPA (Canadian Sport Parachute Association) and 3M NCCP (Coaching association of Canada) .

Courses are usually conducted Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year, with registration at 8:30 am The course starting promptly at 9:00 am. Courses run regardless of weather. Students can expect to jump later the same day (weather permitting). Prepare for your “Ultimate Experience: Your First Skydive!”

See the AUSU Opportunities (http://www.ausu.org/opportunities/index.php#esc) page for a sign up sheet and brochure, or visit http://www.edmontonskydive.com 780-444-JUMP (5867).