Dear Sandra

Dear Sandra,

How can I get in contact with other AU student in my area (Calgary)?

Lonely Calgarian

Dear Lonely Calgarian,

Unfortunately, the one downfall to studying at a distance is the isolation from other students, many of whom are scattered all across the country or even the globe.

First, I’d suggest visiting the Athabasca University Students’ Union discussion forum (go to and click on the link across the top of the page that says “Message Forums” and then click on discussion forum). There are many students from across Canada and the globe registered on the AUSU discussion forum discussing everything from local politics to AU politics. It could end up getting you in physical contact with other Calgarians as many students swap emails if they find they are in the same area or in the same area of study.

Option #2, if you are a mom or a psychology student, is to check out the AU Psychology Students’ Society [AUPSS] or Student Moms’ Club [SMC] websites through the “Groups and Clubs” link on the side of the AUSU page (and soon the Groups and Clubs Committee at AU will be unveiling an English Club). The psychology club has in-person coffee group contacts in Calgary, and various other locations across Canada, for students interested in psychology to get together and discuss their studies.

Finally, option #3, contact the AUSU office at with your name, student ID#, email address and city with a note saying you would be interested in getting together with other students in your area. AUSU is working toward a database of interested students in various areas who would like to get together with other students. This database is currently quite small, but it is in the beginning stages.

Hey, maybe there is a student from Calgary on the database waiting for another student to join! It doesn’t matter where you live, you never know if another AU student is in your vicinity. With almost 30,000 students world-wide it’s a pretty good bet that one may even live next door to you!



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