The Voice Fiction Feature – Poetry

My feelings for you

I don’t know how to put in words,
The feelings that I have towards you
All I know is that they are indeed very strong
Because I know my heart could never go wrong

Every time I try to express myself
Something strange comes over me the words do not even begin to touch
the depths of my feelings, I love you that much
I am so lucky to have you here with me
I have never been blessed with so much happiness
You are a true miracle from God for me
I hope that is something you could only see

Although I can’t explain these feelings
All I know is that they are for you and only you
I can’t even begin to tell you how much
You’ve changed my life with your special touch

When I am with you I feel like a flower
Blooming under the petals of life You are the air that I need to live longer You are the seed that helps me grow stronger When I am with you I feel like the waves in the ocean
That hit the shore yet they never come to an end I want to cherish each and every moment between me and you That you have given me the pleasure to spend with you This is just a very small part of how wonderful I feel
Every time I am with you, every time I think of you Sometimes my feelings tell me this is all a dream
And if that is true, I wish I never wake- up myself from this dream, because I love you more than life itself

My One And Only:

You are the first ray of sunshine
Early in the morning that shines in my eyes
You are the dream that I’ve dreamt of
On you I wish I could always rely

You have changed my life
In such a way that I can’t explain
You have given me so much love and care
And taken away all my sorrows and pain

You are the shining star in my dark, misty sky
That gives me hope to dream each night
You fulfill all my wishes and hopes
Your presence makes each and every day get bright

You have so much charm in you
That comforts me and protects me
You are like a miracle from God
That no one else but I could see

I wish you could stay in my life forever
But no one can stop what is meant to be
I will always cherish our precious memories in my heart
Because you will always be my one and only:

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