A Day to Study?

Sunday is my day to do my course. I know it seems like an odd day, as Sunday used to be thought of as a day of rest. Well with Sunday shopping, Sunday has become just like Monday or Tuesday. However, I do allow myself the luxury of sleeping in until 8:30 or 9:00. Then I have my coffee, a bowl of cereal and read the Sunday paper. Even though it is Sunday, I still go on my exercise bike, which means a shower and washing my hair. Then there’s all that stuff us women do with our hair – blow drying, straightening, then curling again. Why am I doing all this, I’m just going to study?

By now it is 11:00. I’d better start working on my studies. After I get all comfy on the couch with my books all around me, I can’t help but look at those big brown eyes staring at me. I can almost hear the words “what about me?” I try to ignore them. I can’t. I can feel them almost boring a hole into my turned head… “what about me?” I can’t stand it anymore. “Do you want to go for a walk?” Up she stands, tail wagging, she knew it would work, she knew I couldn’t resist those soulful eyes.

Half an hour later, we’re back home. I get comfy again, no distractions this time, I’ve got to get this unit done. Next I hear footsteps coming down the stairs… “you almost finished? I thought we could go out for lunch.” Well admittedly I had been quite busy lately and had not spent much time with Ed. After all, marriage takes a lot of work, right. So out for a leisurely lunch we go. During lunch, I’m thinking about what I should be doing, but then I think, maybe I’ll get a chance to do some of my studies during the week. No, that wouldn’t work, I have the grand kids Wednesday and Friday, and I have to work Monday, Tuesday and half a day Thursday. Well there, I can do it Thursday afternoon. Hey that’s a plan. My mind turns to mundane topics while we discuss fixing up the house, the garden, our next vacation, etc.

By 2:30 I return to the big comfy couch, ready to work. It almost seems too late to start anything now, I should wait until I have a block of time so I can read the whole chapter at one sitting. No, I’ll read it now. As I start to read, my eyes feel heavy. Oh no, it must have been that glass of wine at lunch. I try to fight it, I can stay awake, I can… no I can’t. Okay I’ll just have a cat nap, then I’ll feel refreshed and be able to concentrate better.

“Honey, are you going to sleep away the whole day? It’s almost supper time.” I look at my watch. Oh no, what did I do. What a wasted day! How irresponsible of me! I’ll never catch up now. As I approach the kitchen, I see Ed starting to prepare supper and my thoughts change. I didn’t waste my day, I enjoyed it with my family, and I know I’ll be able to catch up later. In fact, that’s part of the reason I chose Athabasca University, ’cause they realize people have multiple priorities in life – some that just can’t wait.

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