The Voice Fiction Feature – Poetry by…

Brief Encounter

Cradled in my arms
You struggle to be close.
Joy fills my being
As I look at your face.
My heart swells with pride
As you take your first step.

I hold back the tears
As you rush off to school.
I feel overwhelmed
As you accept your award.
I squeeze to hang on
As you struggle to be free.

Pain tugs at my heart
As you walk out the door.
Sadness, hope, resolve
You are gone.


“Mom do you remember when…?”
How could I forget.
Each second, each day
Forever ready to be relived.
The joy overflowing
The pain unimportant.
A tear fills the eye
Love fills the heart.


Roaming hands
Familiar hands
Touching secret places.
Probing fingers,
Stop! Stop!
Hushed voices
Distant footsteps
Pounding hearts.

Love Is

Eyes that shine
A voice that soothes,
Arms that surround
Warmth that encompasses
A connection within
An invisible string,
Unspoken words
That keep me near.


Year after year I watch you
Grow stronger, taller, more beautiful.
Your steady branches
Stretching to the heavens.
Your roots anchored
Deep in the earth.
Summer heat intolerant
Yet you stand tall.
Autumn brings transition
Though not for you.
Howling winter winds
Threaten your stature,
But you persist for the promise of spring

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