The Voice Fiction Feature – Poems by


howling of doves
singing of wolves
crippling of senses
thunder of hooves
pounding the nails
dropping the bombs
pouring the wine
singing the songs
mapping the genes
spreading the plagues
passing of needles
joyless parades
bodies in basements
dropping of hints
government statements
dream of the sphinx
turning the channel
turning the screw
watching the panels
decipher the news
twilight of gods
original sin
sheep with two heads
beating of wings
reading of tea leaves
interpreting signs
the poison is buried
deep in the mines
growing of tumours
rattle of snakes
spreading of rumours
rattle of hate
glowing of dials
building of ships
drugging our children
cracking the whip
something is wrong
it has to be fixed
we’re building a bonfire
we’re burning a witch

bright red dress

at museums and funerals
i liked you best

when you smiled to yourself
in your bright red dress

& set the Caravaggio
at an uneven angle

with a perfect disrespect
for history and death

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