Sounding Off – More provincial quirks

Here is another submission to our list of provincial quirks (, which began with Wayne Benedict’s article two weeks ago. Anyone who has a list of their own to contribute can send it to

Saskatchewan vs Ontario

I lived in Regina, Saskatchewan, for 14 years. Now I am back in Ontario. Here are some differences that I have noticed:
“¢ The sky in Saskatchewan is big and blue. You can see it all the time. The sky is harder to see in Ontario. So far, it’s been blue all the time.
“¢ In Saskatchewan, drivers will stop on the road and chat. In Ottawa, drivers are always stopped on the road, but no one chats.
“¢ In Ontario, we have an all inclusive drivers license. Each time you change your address, you get a new license. I’ve changed my address twice. I haven’t got my first license yet. It’s not looking hopeful that the second one will get there either.
“¢ In Saskatchewan, you can buy beer at the liquor store. In Ontario, you have to go to the Beer Store.
“¢ In Ottawa they used to cheer for the Black & White Riders. However, everyone in Ottawa still talks about the Green & White Riders, better known as the “Roughies!”. Go Riders!
Teresa Neuman, Ottawa, Ontario

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