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If you have question about your career or education future, this is the site to visit. It has a comprehensive, if somewhat intimidating, amount of information. The resources are divided into eight categories: Careers, community, counseling, education, health, jobsearch, money and reference. It is a very well organized website, but it still took me a few minutes to navigate, again because there is so much to see.

For example, I first clicked on the heading “education.” From there I found 2 different sub headings: “Education Training and Learning” and “Other Resources”. Under those, there were 42 different links. Next I clicked on the “Concept Mapping” link, because there was a pretty, bright yellow button beside it that said “new” (I like shiny things). From there the website pointed out other headings where I might find useful information (how polite of them, I almost expected to be invited for tea). Scrolling down a bit, I find everything I wanted to know about concept and mind mapping in the form of 14 other links. I clicked on the simple title “mind mapping,” which took me to a handy tutorial from a James Cook University webpage.

This website has great links and information. If you have some time to kill and want to find stuff about study skills, term paper research, career searches, and how to bake a pumpkin pie, is for you.

Neat Stuff: They have a really comprehensive religious calendar with religious holidays and observances for twelve different faiths. Rastafarians take note, the Anniversary of the Crowning of Haile Selassie is coming up November 2.

Not So Neat Stuff: The sheer volume of information makes navigating it a time-consuming process. I also got side tracked quite a bit checking out other things unrelated to my search. Also, since this site is based out of the U.K, some of the information may not be pertinent to Canada.

Rating: *****/5 I broke the cardinal rule for critics and gave this site a full five star rating. Its only shortcoming – too much information – is more like an advantage, and I loved that there were virtually no corporate ads (with the exception of Amazon, but they’re everywhere. I think I saw an Amazon banner on my communion wafer).

Too much studying, not enough time for dishes? Try and

These are some handy websites for all those wannabe domestic gods and goddesses out there. When we spend most of our day reading, studying, doing drafts for term papers and watching re-runs of “Taxi”(the finest work Danza has done to date), the rest of our life sometimes gets a little *ahem* disorganized, shall we say? These websites are designed to help us in that department. is pretty straightforward. If any of you are like me, and end up with 3 jars of paprika and a freezer full of pizza pops, a grocery list is a necessity. On the first page, items one would find in a grocery store are listed in categories. Just go through and check off what you need, then click format my checklist and a printable, customized grocery list is made up for you. I’m not going to bother with the usual ratings etc. for this website because it’s more like a handy web tool than a resource.

A friend of mine, whose house looked unusually clean lately, gave me her secret so now I will share it with you: This site was developed by Marla Cilley, a disciple of the SHE (Sidetracked Home Executive) system, which was developed by Pam Young and Peggy Jones. This website is more like a club than a portal of information. When you join you are e-mailed routines for cleaning your house. You are gradually introduced to the whole flylady system by a series of what they call “baby steps” and you, as a new member, are a “flybaby.”

You begin with the basics, which are: 1. Get dressed all the way to your shoes, 2. Make up your bed, 3. Clean your kitchen sink until it sparkles. Then you are given certain tasks to do everyday (such as the “27 fling boogie”) by e-mail reminders. Eventually you are supposed to have a daily, weekly and monthly cleaning/organizing system. Each part of the house is divided into a zone, and you have one zone to clean for each week. is a good website if you really have no clue where to start.

Neat Stuff: Marla really does a fantastic job of web writing. She comes across as warm and funny and like she really cares about her “flyladies.” She also posts little words of wisdom on each page like, “You are never behind. Jump in where you are.”

Not So Neat Stuff: Despite being an organization about organization the site is really disorganized (say that five times fast!). Maybe it’s not even disorganized, but information is repeated so often on many different pages it seems redundant and messy.

Rating:**/5 I gave this site a low rating because cleaning your house should not have to be a life changing decision, although there are some good concepts there. Again, this program might be useful if you no idea where to start. overcomplicated the task of housekeeping. My advice, leave the dishes in the sink and go see a movie if you want, and if you really need advice about cleaning: If it’s messy, pick it up.