Primetime Update

Week of October 17, 2003

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Last week, Chandler ruined a little boy’s life, Phoebe didn’t take any of her brother’s triplets, and Ross finally broke down and was honest with Joey. This week:well:

Ross admires his sister’s spray-on tan so much that he chooses to get one himself, only it goes all wrong and by the end of the show he’s 10 shades darker on the front but white as snow on the back. The image is so funny that Chandler has to trick Ross into taking a picture of himself.

Monica and Phoebe pair up in this episode in an attempt to avoid one of their old neighbors, Amanda, played by Jennifer Coolidge (also known as Stiffler’s Mom), who is a fake British blonde who’s dumber than a post and more arrogant than all get out. This disruption in life divulges to Monica that back when Phoebe was living with her, Phoebe tried to “cut her out,” or have her far from friendship. In an angry moment, and in opposition to the duo’s previous plan, Monica leaves Phoebe along at the coffee house with Amanda. When the follow her, Monica and Phoebe are forced to reconcile their differences and both agree that they’re much happier with the other in their life. In the meantime, they’ve left Chandler alone in the apartment with Amanda, who claims she can dance, and shows him.

With the Rachel/Joey romance, they’ve gone on their first date and had a great time. So great in fact, it seems they can’t stop kissing each other. When the next batter’s up and Joey’s trying to round the bases, we find that they can’t comfortably go beyond the kissing. In an attempt to escape Amanda, Chandler visits the couple and after an honest discussion of Monica and Chandler’s relationship, Rachel and Joey reveal that maybe, just maybe not for sure =), they’re too good of friends to indulge in a sexual type of relationship.

Next week’s episode is titled, “The one with the cake,” and I can’t imagine what fun that could bring.

Friends airs on Thursdays at 8:00pm Alberta Time, on Global (channel 7 in Calgary)

Survivor: Pearl Islands

Last week we said goodbye to our loyal scout leader Lillian, as Darrah and her physical strength (not to mention nice body:(=:) was spared. Drake remained in the lead, and Morgan remained far behind. This week, well, not so much.

The tide on Morgan’s beach has been getting higher and higher, and this week it threatens breaking the barricade and flooding their camp. Luckily for them, it’s an easy fix:this time. Andrew and Ryan O attempt to go fishing, but end up in the wrong spot, on the other side of the island.

At Drake’s camp, we’re finally exposed to the tribal divisions they’ve been experiencing. The line splits between Burton, Shawn, and Michelle on one side, and Christa, Trish, Sandra, and Rupert on the other, with Jon in the middle, however I’d tend to stick Jon with Rupert’s bunch, just from some comments he’s made and the point that the episode starts with an argument between he and Burton (or Shawn) over who does more work around the camp. We also see conflict between Christa and Burton/Shawn/Michelle, and provocative comments from Burton and Shawn, directed at Rupert (mostly regarding the dress, which he is still wearing). However, despite their rudeness, they have the nerve to ask Rupert to lose the next challenge and join them in voting out Christa, to which Rupert blatantly lies in agreement.

The reward challenge brings another (or first, in Morgan’s case) piece of the tribe’s treasure map, as well as the right to loot from the other tribe, and a sewing machine complete with supplies and materials for some new clothes. In order to win the tribe must retrieve 16 pieces of a puzzle (8 from under water and 8 from under sand) and complete the puzzle (skulls and bones) first. With an early lead due to Osten and Tijuana’s struggling in the water, Drake wins their 6th challenge, and takes a lantern from the Morgan tribe.

In their seemingly endless search for their treasure, Drake finally discovers that they’re standing on it and digs down to reveal an old chest filled with chocolate, canned food, a hammock, blankets, and a mosquito net, which all smell rotten. Some rejoice over the new additions to their supplies, however, the party poopers, like Jon, complain about how much it sucks. As if.

The immunity challenge brings a twist. A chess/checkers type game involving physical battles between the two tribes is one obviously dependant on strength. The Drake tribe, in an obvious attempt to lose, sits out Rupert and Burton, the strongest men on the island. They’re easily overtaken, and Morgan finally wins a challenge, for immunity. AND, they’ve won the chance to steal on of the other tribe’s members, until after the next challenge. Who? Rupert.

So on Drake we’re left with Burton, Shawn and Michelle and possibly Jon, against Sandra, Trish, and Christa, also with the possibility of Jon. Rupert convinced his group they’d need to get rid of Burton, and Burton’s group wants to get rid of Christa. So in a vote of 4 to 2 with one more unread, Burton was voted off the island. His comments divulged his arrogant attitude as he warned the challenges would no longer be guaranteed as they were when his was involved. Good riddance!

The highlights from next week involve a possible Morgan wigging streak (as foretold by Andrew), Rupert’s unknown betrayal of his tribe through the telling of tales, one castaway failing to follow through with the tribal strategy for an immunity challenge to which we’ll see an anguishing finish, and an unveiling of the Burton voting betrayal.

Survivor airs on Thursdays at 9:00pm Alberta time on Global (channel 7 in Calgary).

The Bachelor

Ten women left, so let’s meet them:

Meredith – Model and make-up artist from California – 29
Jenny – Director of marketing for a financial firm in Texas – 30
Kelly Jo – Marketing analyst from Michigan – 24
Antoinette – Senior account manager at a telecommunications firm in Pennsylvania – 30
Mary – Sales manager from Florida – 35
Brooke – Teacher from Tennessee – 24
Karin – Mortgage consultant from Minnesota -32
Misty – Radio promotions assistant from Texas – 23
Estella – Mortgage broker from California – 28
Lee-Ann – Second grade teacher from Georgia – 25

At the ladies’ house, Chris (the host) calls the bachelorettes together to inform them of the next twist in the show. It’s time for two group dates and two one-on-one dates, with the bachelorettes themselves deciding who will get the one-on-one dates. A private booth is set up, where each bachelorette will reveal who they think is the most compatible and least compatible with Bob “? and they can’t vote for themselves. While the picks are taking place, the women start crying over the stress of choosing. After the voting is over, the ladies are told that both the most-compatible and least-compatible will be receiving the one-on-one dates.

The first date box arrives, and reveals who was voted most-compatible: Meredith. As she gets ready for her date, the phone rings, and she is called to answer. It’s her mother with some bad news “? her grandmother has just passed away. Her mother encourages her to stay in Los Angeles to continue on, and the cameras are turned off for a few minutes to allow her some privacy. When the cameras start rolling again, all of the other women are supportive of Meredith, heartbroken at her plight. The mood in the house turns down, but the girls all want her to have her date, and do their best to get her ready.

Bob is touched when he finds out that despite everything that’s happened she still wanted to spend the day with him. In the limousine, he asks her if she likes horses, and she tells him she’s terrified of them. He teases her, telling her that he was just wondering, but of course, they arrive at the beach where two horses are waiting for them. Despite her dislike of horses, she gives it a try and saddles up, and they take a ride down the beach.

After their ride, they roll up their pants and take a walk along the shore, where they find a giant sand castle set up just for them. They sit down and drink some wine, and then eat some oysters “? another dislike of Meredith’s, but she still gives them a try. Bob confesses that given the circumstances, with everything she’s done, he thinks Meredith is amazing. The conversation turns deep as Bob talks about some of his family’s struggles, and it becomes obvious that Bob has been affected emotionally, which surprises both of them.

After the sun sets, they go into the sand castle for dinner, where Bob tells her that his heart is with her “? and they kiss passionately. They snuggle up on a lounge chair and continue to kiss. He confesses that kissing her made him feel like he was kissing someone for the first time.

Back at the house the second date box arrives, inviting Mary, Kelly Jo and Misty on a night of “jamming and jammies.” Bob arrives to take his dates on a “Karaoke jam in their pajamas.” They head into Hollywood to a private room, where they drink and start to sing. Bob first goes up to sing with Mary, and when he starts to sing, the women are shocked at how good he sounds. Remember, he used to be in a band. The party kicks into high-gear, and eventually Bob takes Misty away for some one-on-one time. They get to know each other even more, which seems to win Bob’s heart, and eventually leads to their second passionate kiss. At this point, despite the situation he’s in, I’ve lost some respect for Bob, as it seems he may have agreed to the show for the sexual stuff:

They return to the party for some more singing, and then Bob goes off with Kelly Jo for some alone time (imagine my surprise:). While they get to know each other (kiss heavily), Mary and Misty decide to interrupt them and get their man back “? which frustrates Kelly Jo. Bob confesses he is falling for several women, and that he was just with three of them.

At the house, Lee-Ann tells the other girls that she thinks they are all treating her poorly because they saw her connect with Bob. Lee-Ann makes it clear that she’s only there for Bob. She seems to be quite arrogant.

The final date box arrives at the house, and it is revealed that the content of the box is worth one million dollars. The bachelorettes all meet in the living room, where the box is opened “? and a dress is waiting for Lee-Ann, who has been chosen as the least-compatible with Bob.

Next Week: Bob goes on his remaining one-on-one date with Lee-Ann, chosen by the others to be the least-compatible, and the tensions grows when Bob has his remaining group date. Then, Bob must eliminate 4 girls. Who will it be? I’ve got no idea, but I hope Lee-Ann beats out all the girls:just to rub it in their face. 🙂

If you’re not familiar with the show, the progress is as follows: In an effort to find a bride, Bob Guiney searches for his dream girl, as he is introduced to 25 single women. On the first episode, Bob will narrow it down to 15 women. On the second episode, he will take five women at a time on three different dates. Then, he will choose to keep eight. After introducing the women to two of his friends, they help him narrow the field to four. Then, with the remaining four, he will meet their families and they met his. Finally, Bob will narrow it to three, and he will go on a fantasy date with each. For the last show, there were only two remaining, and he will select THE ONE.

The Bachelor airs Wednesdays at 9:00pm (E/P)

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