Feedback: Course alert and AU doctoral program

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RE: Debbie Jabbour’s Taking Notes Course Alert ( on PSYC 375; October 22, 2003.


Heaps of thanks to Debbie’s column last week. I will note the heads up with SERIOUS thought on how to get through this course. Sounds like a STINKER!

Perhaps Voice protests could make the staff in the Psychology section think about some changes. Obscurity doesn’t sound “fair”.

[ed. course alerts can be very helpful for avoiding educational pitfalls. Any student with a course alert they would like included in this column should forward it to with Course Alert in the subject line]

Laura Seymour


Regarding the first step process for a doctoral program. I congratulate AU on this development. I personally would like to see a doctoral program involved in the psychology section. I do like to plan for my future….


Laura Seymour
Student and Voice Columnist

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