AU Profiles – Student: Lindsay Jardine

Tell us about where you live:

This week I live in Vancouver. Next week I will be living in my hometown, Fort St John

Do you have a family, kids or pets?

I have parents named Oliver and Julie, 3 teenage sisters named Lacy, Lanessa and Leslee and 2 cats named Putty and Elsie.

When did you first learn about AU, and how are you liking the student life/distance education?

I like the independence, but sometimes, like today, I need help getting motivated.

What are your goals as a student?

To graduate, then get a job that pays enough money for me to not worry about bouncing rent cheques, do some travelling, buy a truck, and make a down payment on a house, all within the next 5 years (Is this possible?).

Can you tell us about the AU Courses you are taking at the moment, or a favourite course?

I am finishing my last year of the Bachelor of Administration degree with a major in Organizations. I did two years of Business Admin at GPRC right after high school, and found the diploma qualified me to be a receptionist.

Do you work? What do you do?

I have been working as a contract/temporary receptionist in downtown Vancouver since January. Great job for a student, I can usually do homework at work and get paid $12/hour to read my text books!

What are your hobbies or other interests?

I just did my first sprint triathlon this past August, and I intend to do another one or two next summer, so I run and swim a lot. I also do yoga and play slow pitch baseball, ride a bike occasionally, walk, suntan, listen to music constantly and read.

Do you have any advice or words of wisdom for other students?

Don’t go out drinking with your friends on a weeknight if you have to work the next day, even if it is a special occasion, like your going away party. It is just not worth it.

Anything else we should know?

I am moving back to my small hometown of 16,000 people next week after having left right after high school in 1997. It has slowly dawned on me that family is more important than good weather, great shopping, beaches, beautiful glass skyscrapers and even hanging out with friends. I have a huge extended family back home, and I miss them terribly, especially my sisters, so I’m giving up the city to live in a small redneck town and hang out with my sisters.

Thanks Lindsay! Best of luck in your new / old home town.
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