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There are just three weeks left to enter for the first Voice writing contest. Responses to the non-fiction category have been weak, which is surprising, since so many of you have opinions on how AU could be better run.

C’mon, how hard can it be? Just tell me, in 1500 words or less, what you would do as President of AU. Your chances of winning $300 are high, and I know you all could use that money to offset this year’s tuition increase. Besides, it’s great practice for that annual As Prime Minister contest that runs nationally and which has phenomenal prizes.

We’ve had some great submissions to the fiction category, but I think there are probably even more talented writers out there. If you wish to submit poetry, you can send one or two poems, as long as you come in under the word limit. Our judges can’t wait to read all of your entries.
What have you got to lose? Even if you don’t win the cash, you might qualify for a secondary prize:

AGE, MATURITY, EXPERIENCE: A CORRELATION? – Wayne was concerned that as a mature student, he wouldn’t fit in with the younger crowd at a brick and mortar school. So far, his fears are unfounded.

HOW TO QUIT SMOKING – If Shannon Maguire convinced you to quit last week, read on to learn how.

PRIVACY AND THE INTERNET – Debbie Jabbour warns that everything you do on line leaves a virtual paper trail that may persist for much longer than you think.

MYSTERIOUS PURSUER (short story) – The first fiction offering from Barbara Godin. Enjoy!


As your not-so-humble editor has been mostly prone and grumbly the past few days with a darned irritating neck strain, not to mention re-organizing the house pending the arrival of a new kitten, I invite you to enjoy the silence this week. I’ll have plenty to say next week, including a brief intro to your newest three council members. You can keep an eye on the AUSU website for bios on the new council members as well. Click on the “council” link on the left menu.

Oh, and if you want to enter the Voice writing contest, you’d better make it snappy! There are only 2 weeks until the deadline!


The Voice fiction feature has become popular, but submissions have been slow. Send us your best fiction today, and it might become our next feature.


The Voice needs some new Voices! We know you have plenty to say, so why not get paid for it. Send us a writing sample or article for submission and you might be published in an upcoming issue. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it pays. Contact voice@ausu.org for more details.