Primetime Update

Week of October 31, 2003

Missed your favorite shows? No problem. Primetime update gives you the rundown.


Last week Rachel ordered a penis cake (it was supposed to be a bunny) from the bakery for Emma’s first birthday and the show was centered on the party itself, which Emma slept through. This week, well, Andrew forgot to tape it for me, as I was busy. I’m told, however, that Rachel’s sister moves in with her and Joey, and takes her niece (Emma) to get her ears pierced. After being convinced to vouch for Monica and Chandler, Joey is introduced to a thesaurus in his attempt to write a letter to an adoption agency. The end, which I did catch, brings a proposal catastrophe, but Phoebe and Mike are finally engaged.

Friends airs on Thursdays at 8:00pm Alberta Time, on Global (channel 7 in Calgary)

Survivor: Pearl Islands

Last week on Survivor, Trish was voted out for backstabbing my man Rupert. This week, Rupert expresses his anger towards Jon for going along with the evicted castaway in her plan to oust Rupert. The two yell for a while, but eventually apologies are exchanged, only for the good of the tribe. On the other side of the coin, the Morgan tribe spend their free time complaining about their lack of protein (they can’t fish) and thinking about past tribe-mates.

This week’s challenge is entitled “Pirate Prison Break,” and along with it comes THE BIGGEST TWIST EVER! A third tribe is entered into the game – the Outcasts – comprised of Drake’s and Morgan’s discarded members, who are eager for revenge. The plan is that if either (or both) teams lose to the outcasts, those teams will go to tribal council and vote someone out, while at the same time, the outcasts (Nicole, Skinny Ryan, Lill, Burton, Michelle, and Trish) will go to tribal council and vote one of themselves back into Drake and/or Morgan. If Morgan wins, Drake will go to council and vice versa, as usual.

In the challenge, one team member has to rescue the rest of their tribe from cages by digging under them, and then building a pole to reach for keys (hung outside the cages). The first whole tribe to cross the finish line with their flag wins.

So, with Burton vs. Shawn vs. Andrew, the Outcasts get off to an early lead which eventually gives them the victory, and both Drake and Morgan have to attend an unplanned tribal council, to be followed by the re-entry of two previously cast-off castaways.

The Morgan side of things is quite easy, although unbelievable. Osten checks out. He asks his tribe-mates to send him home and, forgoing the voting process completely, Osten’s flame is snuffed and he walks the plank. He explains his priorities and compares his body to a car that has run out of gas. ARG!!! Jeff’s disgust is made apparent by his comment that with so many people trying to stay in the game, the tribe is better off without someone who wants out.

Drake also has to choose a member to send home this week. Since Rupert, Sandra, and Christa make up the majority, they decide that it is only fair to give both Shawn and Jon a chance to explain why they should stay. As the two have been arguing constantly on the island, many negative things are said about the opposite, and Jon even makes his vote for Shawn with only the words “F#@K You” as a comment. When the votes are tallied, we say good-bye to Shawn.

Next week, we’ll find out who the Outcasts vote back into the game. Previews for next week show two castaways making amends, while another shows resentment at the turn of events. And wonderful Johnny Fairplay creates a master plan, but how will it play out?

Survivor airs on Thursdays at 9:00pm Alberta time on Global (channel 7 in Calgary).

The Bachelor

Last week we said goodbye to Lee-Ann. This week, Bob goes on hometown dates with each of the four women left, and meets their loved ones.

We start with Mary, in Tampa. They spend the day just hanging out, and Mary talks of their children and the future she has planned. Bob admits, to us not her, that he’s not sure if he’s at that point of his life just yet. When they go to meet her family, Bob is confronted by the English-Cuban language barrier. Mary, her brother, and her sisters must continually translate. There is one point where Mary’s father is talking about how special his family is to him – so special that he wishes only good things – and the whole family is moved to tears, leaving Bob bewildered. Mary also has a heart to heart with her sister Carmen, who expresses her fear that Mary’s heart will be broken. After dinner, Mary and Bob go back to Mary’s house and get romantic. After they part, Bob realizes that he may not be able to give Mary what she’s looking for.

The hometown date with Kelly-Jo’s family is an exciting and energetic one, which reflects Kelly’s personality. The family, all girls, is overly excited to meet Bob, and all have great fun in his company. But when the fun isn’t enough, Kelly’s mom takes Bob aside. Instead of the 3rd degree that Bob expected, he gets told what a special woman Kelly’s mother believes her to be. The couple heads back to the hotel where they talk and kiss. After he leaves, Kelly tells the camera that she’ll be heartbroken if Bob doesn’t offer her a rose.

Then comes the pity card. As Meredith is neither beautiful, intelligent, nor charismatic, but rather has a very blah personality all together, the date with Bob includes going to her recently passed grandmother’s gravesite, where she breaks down and receives Bob’s sympathy. When he meets her family, it’s interesting how he toasts to them, rather than Meredith, and offers condolences for their loss. He then questions if his connection with Meredith is based on real feelings, or just grief.

Last we head to Estella’s house, were the two collapse on the couch and relax until Estella’s mother arrives. Mom questions Bob about the kind of woman he wants, and his answer of one with a big heart takes her breath away. During dinner, Bob asks Estella if she’s still unhappy about Bob dating her friends, and she replies that it was just a momentary thing. Estella and her mom grab the chance to talk alone, and mom reveals her opinion that Bob is worth chasing after. When mom leaves, the couple share a kiss goodbye as Bob too hits the road.

At the rose ceremony there is much talk of the difficulty of the upcoming decision. As the young lovers are not allowed to socialize with one another, only with the host, we are quickly made aware of Bob’s decision to keep Mary, Kelly-Jo, and Estella. Meredith doesn’t even cry. She says she’s angry that Bob put the woman he really wants into the limo, and regrets that she never got to show him who she truly is. Personally, I’m glad she’s gone. The sympathy card is always so pathetically fake.

The Bachelor airs Wednesdays at 10:00pm Alberta Time on ABC

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