Thank you for the profile on Maggie Davidson

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RE: The Voice, October 30, 2003

Thank you for the profile on Maggie Davidson. I hate to admit it, but I’ve been just a tad jealous of Maggie for a long time. Maggie is a hard worker, a student who not only does exceptional coursework, but seems to excel at everything she does. In addition, Maggie also takes an interest in AUSU and her fellow students. She is a keener like me, someone who wants to do the best at everything she does – and she has succeeded very well. Maggie and I stood in line together up at Athabasca this past June, waiting for our turn at the graduation bench – Davidson was only a name away from Jabbour in the line. As we waited, we talked about our aspirations for the future. In grade school, Maggie and I would have been two over-achievers who were always vying for the teachers’ attention. In university we are peers who work through problems together and share our goals for the future.

In Maggie’s graduation speech (as read by VP Academic Alan Davis) she thanked AUSU for providing a “human face” to the AU university experience. In many ways, Maggie provided the opposite – an opportunity for AUSU to connect with the human face of an individual student. I thank Maggie for her contribution to AUSU during her time at AU and I wish her every success in the future. I know our paths will cross again and I hope she will keep us posted on where she goes from here. Well done, Maggie!

Debbie Jabbour

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