Primetime Update

Week of November 7, 2003
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Phoebe is asked by Mike to get rid of some of her stuff before he moves in. This includes a painting of a woman, who appears to be climbing out of the painting. Rachel and Monica fight over who will receive the ugly painting from Phoebe’s apartment. Chandler gets a big marketing account, for which he must cast a professor type in a commercial for computer stuff. He gets on Joey’s bad side when he lies about watching Joey’s audition tape (which included a Japanese commercial for men’s blue lipstick). In the end, Joey agrees to forgive Chandler, on one condition. He must wear the blue lipstick and tell everyone that he’s a pretty little girl. Comical, really. Ross is up for a big grant, although Charlie’s ex-boyfriend (the Nobel Prize winner) is in charge of who gets it. Dr. Hobart tries bribe Ross to break up with Charlie by offering him the grant. When Ross refuses, the man goes wacko with immaturity and asks Ross many irrelevant questions during the formal interview process. What Ross doesn’t realize is that Charlie and Dr. Hobart will reconcile anyway, so he may as well have taken the bribe.

Next week’s episode is entitled “The One with the Home Study,” which has endless possibilities.

Friends airs on Thursdays at 8:00pm Alberta Time, on Global (channel 7 in Calgary)

Survivor: Pearl Islands

Last week, our tribe of outcasts kicked some butt and left Shawn out in the cold, while Osten voluntarily walked the plank. We were left wondering which outcasts would be rejoining the tribes.

So, who was it you ask?. With a vote of 3 for both Burton and Lill and 2 for almost everyone else, our 31 year old marketing executive from San Francisco (Burton) along with the 51 year old scout troop leader (Lill) draw buffs from the hands of our host, and will be returning to the tribes they were voted out of (Drake and Morgan respectively), with immunity from the vote, at least for one round. Both return to apologies and explanations but each responds in a different way.

A heartfelt talk between Rupert and Burton, with Rupert explaining the ostracism he felt from the former tribe mate, sparks Burton’s newfound loyalty to the tribe, and each vows to do their best. Talk easily turns to which annoying tribe mate to get rid of first, and all agree that it’ll be Jon.

Lill, on the other hand, expresses the resentment she feels towards never being a real part of the tribe, and then being voted out. To add to the tribe’s troubles, they boil their last portion of rice, leaving them with only mussels and coconut to eat in the future.

Another twist was thrown into the loop during what we thought would be the reward challenge. Instead, we had a merge. The new tribe (named Balboa) of ten members was thrown new black buffs, told they’d live on Drake’s beach, and the rules of the first individual immunity challenge, were explained. They’d be competing not for a headdress or necklace, but a pirate’s sword complete with sheath.

The challenge was run in two heats; two groups of five, and then the top 2 from each group for a total of 4 racers. The goal: to race underwater by pulling along a rope, underneath a wooden platform, without coming up for air. Then, climbing onto the platform, running back to the start and doing it again. The first heat would have two laps, and the final race to the finish would have five. And wouldn’t you guess it, Rupert, Burton, Ryan O, and Jon are the final four, with Rupert and Burton in the lead. Literally, by the length of a hair, Burton beats Rupert and wins double immunity (remember he automatically got it when he re-entered the game). Since he can’t use two for himself, and can’t save it for future use, he has the option to throw it away, or pass it to someone else.

When Balboa returns to their beach, there is a buffet waiting for them to feast on, and the tribe spends the afternoon getting to know one another. The options for the vote consisted of Jon who was found to be more than annoying, and Andrew Savage, the strength of the old Morgan Tribe. The definite division was 5 (Drake members) voting for Savage, and 4 (Morgan members) voting for Jon, with Lill sitting on the fence as to whether she should be loyal to the Morgans who voted her out, or take the true spirit of outcast revenge and join the Drakes. And since this show is centered on pirating, can you guess what happens? Aye Aye! Buh-Bye Savage.

Next week we can look forward to the events of an electric stingray, food, energy, egos, suspicions and scheming, and an unlikely couple of castaways enjoy the first individual reward.

Survivor airs on Thursdays at 9:00pm Alberta time on Global (channel 7 in Calgary).

The Bachelor

Last week we said goodbye to the sympathy card, Meredith. This week, we watch Bob go on overnight fantasy dates with Kelly-Jo, Mary, and Estella.

We start off in Alaska, in the middle of a glacier, with some dog sledding, and Kelly and Bob. We travel down the glacier and enjoy a hot tub in the middle of the forest, and talk of how kids can wait. Dinner is a late night tram up into the mountains, where there is more talk, from Kelly-Jo, of her love for Bob. She attempts to show her understanding, of the situation, through her explanation that she needs no response from Bob, who then implies that the other two women are on his list of things to do before he can be honest with Kelly.

The couple is then invited to share a fantasy suite, and more than eager, the two head to the cozy chateau and share pillow talk, champagne, and kisses. Bob admits that this is one of the best dates of his life. The door is then shut and cameras turned off as the lovers move into the bedroom.

The second dream date is in Jackson Hole, Wyoming; an outdoor adventure date with Mary involving a kayak, a honey and apricot massage, and a hot shower. Discussions include Mary’s concession that she can wait one or two years for kids, but not four or five. Remember, she’s 35 and her biological clock is ticking! Mary then plays her own set of cards, asking of Bob has been intimate with either of the other girls to which he responds that none of his private moments with Mary and the other two are anyone else’s business.

Mary accepts the invite to the private suite, and the two share dessert, drinks, and more conversation, however, we (and obviously the producers of the show, since they would’ve shown it) don’t know if she spent the whole night.

The third and final date, with Estella, takes us to a private island in Belize where the couple goes snorkeling in clear blue water with sharks. Dinner is on the edge of a dock, where Estella is complimented for her confidence as she admits that she has to just let things happen and not think about it. She then continues to say that she worries about not getting a rose, because then she’ll never see Bob again.

Bob extends the invite to the fantasy suite, and Estella gives him the choice. Since Bob’s a man who’s been only dating women for the last few months he quickly decides to forego the individual rooms, and Estella agrees. The couple goes to their private cottage by the pool where they swim and kiss as the cameras leave.

The rose ceremony is a pathetic attempt on Bob’s part, not to look like a jerk. We all know he’ll end up with Kelly-Jo since she’s the perfect combination of work and play. He says that none of them have done anything wrong, blah blah, then says good-bye to Mary (who was too old for him anyway). He walks her out to the limo and explains that she’d be compromising her child-bearing dreams by devoting herself to him. They embrace, and another heartbroken woman is sent away in a limousine. And the viewer wipes a tear from her eye.

Next week:The women tell all, in the season’s reunion of all the dumped chickies.

The Bachelor airs Wednesdays at 10:00pm Alberta Time on ABC

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